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An new electronic valve instrument MIDI controller.

The NuEVI is based on, and features all the playing aspects of, the original Nyle Steiner MIDI EVI, including the slur sustain and interval/chord functionality. Taking the instrument further, an OLED display with a menu system for settings and sensor adjustments has been added, as well as USB MIDI in addition to the DIN MIDI, settings stored in non-volatile memory, built in battery meter, selectable breath curve, and a number of additional control options. A lip sensor (extra controller) for sending Modulation Wheel or Foot Pedal MIDI CC is also included. Another addition that has been made is a MIDI Rotator function based on Robby Kilgores MIDI Rotator.

Tech specs

Power source: 3xAAA alkaline batteries or USB
Brains: PJRC Teensy 3.2 microcontroller dev board (Cortex M4)
USB: Micro USB jack, class compliant USB MIDI
Type of sensing: Capacitive, using built in Teensy cap touch sense and the MPR121 chip
Sensors: Touch keys and rollers, pitch bend pads (proportional), vibrato lever (for a nice, violin like, manual vibrato), breath sensor, bite sensor (for portamento control) and lip sensor (extra controller)
Breath sensor system: Closed (like the original Steiner EVIs), NXP MP3V5004GP piezoresistive transducer, 0 to 3.92 kPa
Body: Main body and canister from 3D printed PLA plastic, top and bottom sheets in transparent laser cut/etched acrylic
CV output: 0 to 3.3V breath CV (digitally processed, approx 1ms interval updated 12 bit (4096 steps) through unused pin of DIN MIDI jack.


Several color ways to choose from.

Built-in wireless module plus receiver (pandaMidi midiBeam)

dB (Darren Barrett) mouthpiece option (based on the Crumar EVI mouthpiece), incl. reroute of extra controller for RH thumb activation

Stainless steel roller upgrade

NuEVI plus

The plus model is fitted standard with the pandaMidi midiBeam system, and comes with the following additional features over the standard model:

Pneu-bite system (similar to the bite sensor of the Steiner Master’s Touch) where the standard metal leaf variable capacitor bite/bend sensor of the mouthpiece is replaced by a closed air pressure sensing system for improved response and exactness. A small valve is also fitted for equalization to ambient barometric pressure.

True CV, with 0 to 10V all analog breath CV and a 1v/oct 8 octaves range DAC created pitch CV both output through 3.5mm jacks. Enables you to play modular synths with incredible smoothness and response without having any MIDI involved whatsoever. (Can be used simultaneously with MIDI output.)

3xAA battery compartment (to compensate for the additional power draw).

Stainless steel octave rollers (compared to the aluminium rollers of the standard NuEVI

Kind of Blue

Hot Pink

Midnight Blue


Profondo Rosso

Purple Reign

Radioactive Green

Snow and Ice


Berglund Instruments.

Maker of musical instruments like the NuEVI, T.WI and T.Chordstrum.
Focusing on wind controllers.

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