Sales in Japan

All purchases for Japan are exclusively handled through Kohske Music & Sound.

All other Locations

Our products are skillfully hand made. In light of recent huge response in interest, our production schedule is currently nearly 2 years behind. Know that we are making adjustments to better accommodate, and will make announcements on those advancements.

For now, there are two primary options:

1. Waiting list

This is your best option in order to secure your place in line. This offers you flexibility for customization (the ability to choose color, and other options). In order to be placed on our waiting list, you will need to complete our online form. It is easy and free to join, so you are welcome to do this now.

2. Join our newsletter

We now have additional locations hand building limited quantities of our most popular colors (and options). These will be produced in batches without a waiting list. Announcement of completed batches will be posted here on the website. Join our newsletter to receive notification of these announcements.

Other Option

Patchman Music is a U.S. only reseller.